Emails That Make You Money
As Your Customers 
Lose Weight 

Dear Friend,

If you want a fresh batch of emails to send to your customers as they are making their New Year’s weight loss resolutions… and start your year with more sales as a result… then these pre-written emails will do the trick.

Here’s the scoop:

My name is Anita Ashland and I’ve written hundreds of weight loss and fitness emails for clients over the years. They have also been the most popular of my pre-written emails.

Fresh off the presses are these brand new 12 pre-written emails about weight loss and fitness, taking into account current trends in this market.

This is my favorite topic to write about. I do continuous research in this area because I follow a strict gluten-free diet due to having celiac disease and am keenly interested in nutrition and diet. 

Here are the topics covered in the 12 emails:

 $12 During the 12 Days of Christmas

These are being offered for only $12 during these 12 days of Christmas, which ends January 6, 2016. 

These emails are chock full of healthy weight loss tips. So even if you don’t sell in this niche, buying these emails and simply reading them will benefit you.

In January I will incorporate these into my Money Making Email site, which will be fully revamped, with 365 new emails for sale.

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After you pay you will be redirected to the download page. I will also email you personally within 12 hours to ensure you received the emails.

Kind Regards,

Anita Ashland


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