As the new year began, I thought about the rose bush in my flower garden that still had many pink blooms.

Here’s a photo:

I live in Wisconsin so this is quite a feat. All the other flowers had died and were pruned back, bracing for the winter that was to arrive in full force a few days later in the form of a blizzard.

I confess that in the summer I hardly paid attention to the rose bush, except for the times the thorns scratched my hands, even when I was wearing gloves.

There were so many other flowers that captured my attention: the hibiscus, petunias, irises, morning glories, day lilies…and my favorite… the peony bushes. It’s always something of a tragedy when June begins and the peonies begin to die.

But this past December I think I may have taken more pleasure in those pink roses than I did in the rest of the flower garden in the summer.

You see, those pink roses remind me of a copywriter/marketer/entrepreneur (or anyone in any field) who perseveres.

Maybe these people aren’t standouts or #1 in their field.

Perhaps they screw up kind of a lot and are even “prickly” at times, like the December rose.

Put them in a room with other marketers, especially those who are newbies full of enthusiasm and hype, and maybe you wouldn’t notice the quietly confident “December rose” marketer.

But as the months and years pass, and the other marketers give up and fall by the wayside, the December rose is still standing, even after several frosts and bitterly cold weather.

Don’t give up.

As Yoda said, there is no try. Do or don’t do.