My favorite subject line of this past week was Clayton Makepeace’s “The Spanking of a Lifetime.

Plus I liked the content that went with it. Copywriters should read his post about how he lost a recent split test.

I was also very interested to note that he usually only has one day to write a sales letter! Of course he makes a ton of money from these clients, but still, 24 hours to write a 14-24 page financial sales letter is amazing. I hope my clients don’t start getting any ideas!

The other subject line I liked was Matt Furey’s “Massage Your Organ.” I assumed it was going to talk about how the bodyweight exercises he recommends also massage your inner organs. But it was about how in China there are people who will give you massages that specifically massage your organs to remove any, um, blockages, and they’ve done this for thousands of years. Sounds better than a colon cleanse anyway.

Finally, I also liked Ben Settle’sWhy I “Pee” On My Sales Letters.” Don’t worry, PEE is his acronym for “persuade,” “engage” and “entertain.”

Now that I’ve written a few of these email subject line of the week posts I’m starting to wonder…is it possible to use subtlety instead of shock value or entertainment in a subject line and still get a good open rate? I’d like to see more subtlety in my inbox. I use it a lot in my subject lines for clients’ email copy. I might have to post some of them here.

As always, feel free to leave a comment with your own favorite email subject line.