Ryan Healy’s blog post about how to get your email opened set me to thinking again about how marketing is ultimately about connecting with people.

Email is the true test of whether or not a marketer can or cannot connect with people. Most marketers can’t rely solely on email to do this. They need to use blogs and Twitter too.

I was recently reminded of the importance of making a personal connection when working on an email campaign for a client. She wanted to do Frank Kern’s 4 Day Cash Machine so I wrote the four emails using his templates. Three days into it the campaign was a flop.

So I rewrote email #4 and completely ditched the template. I wrote the email from the heart, exactly as if I was writing it to a friend. Frank’s template emphasizes bonuses but we eliminated that and also made her offer more simple. It worked and the campaign ended up being a success because of that one email.

It was also encouraging to know that people read email #4 even though the first three didn’t resonate with them.

So people still do read email. You just have to find a way to connect with them. Don’t hesitate to use other tools, like blog and Twitter, so your prospects and clients have other ways of getting to know you.