There are several free tools I use on a daily basis while writing email copy and today I will show you what they are.

After I finish an email draft I go to Format-it to set the column width (55 characters in most cases). There is free software out there that does the same thing, such as XmailWrite and Text Pad, but all of these are more complicated to use. If you use Format-It be sure to paste the email into Notepad afterwards before transferring it to your document, otherwise the formating won’t stick.

Online thesauruses are a must and my favorites are Visuwords and, which is supposedly the largest thesaurus out there.

I love this headline analyzer. It measures the Emotional Marketing Value of your headline and assigns a score to it and tells you which emotions it evokes in your customer. I use it for email subject lines as well.

What are your favorite free copywriting tools?